skating safety tips

Winchester Skating Center promotes safe skating. Please take a glance and read some safety tips.

  1. Always Skate Within Your Ability – If you don’t know how to skate, a good time to learn is during one of our Family Matinee’s. If you haven’t skated in awhile take it slow and easy. Don’t try to skate fast or do fancy tricks.
  2. Skate on a Smooth Terrain – A skating center is the best place to skate because the rink is a smooth surface. If you skate outdoors, check the surface you will be skating on because any small debris could cause you to fall.
  3. Check Your Equipment – Check with your skate manufacture on how you should check their product.
  4. Skate at a Safe and Comfortable Speed – You should skate at the same pace as the rest of the skaters.
  5. Watch Where You Are Skating – Remember that not everyone has the same ability. Skating into others can cause serious injury.
  6. Buy High Quality Equipment – They can with stand wear and tear. They are usually made of better materials and are less likely to come apart and cause injury.
  7. Wear Protective Equipment – Protective equipment is made to help reduce injury when you fall.
  8. When Skating Outdoors – Obey all traffic and safety rules. Remember that other people have the same right as you do on the street.