rink rules & regulations

Roller skating is a dangerous sport. Winchester Skating and Family Fun Center, Inc. is not responsible for accidents. SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Dress Code

Winchester Skating Center requires neatness and cleanliness of all patrons. No clothing that could be considered distasteful for our family environment will be allowed in the building.

  • No bare feet. Socks are required for skate rental.
  • No scarves, skull caps, du-rags or bandannas to be worn inside the building by skaters.
  • No bare midriffs, bare shoulders or bare backs.
  • No halter tops, fish net tops, racer-back tops, tube tops, single strap, strapless or string strapped tops Straps on tops must be at least 2″ wide.
  • No ragged pants or cut-offs.
  • No short shorts (daisy dukes) or miniskirts.
  • No muscle shirts, tank tops or plain white tank undershirts.

Floor Rules

Winchester Skating Center will penalize any patron that does not practice safe skating while in our facility.

  • No pushing, tripping or playing tag.
  • No fast skating. Fast skating is defined as anyone skating faster than the average flow of traffic and in a manner hazardous to other skaters.
  • No squatting except during a designated special skate.
  • No stopping along the wall. All skaters must attempt to keep moving at all times.
  • No eating or drinking over the half wall surrounding the skating surface or on the skating floor.
  • No sitting on or climbing over the half wall surrounding the skating floor.
  • Jumps, spins or dancing are to be kept to the center of the floor and are permitted only during less crowded sessions and at the discretion of the Manager or Session Supervisor on duty.

General Rules

Winchester Skating Center requires these guidelines for the comfort and safety of all patrons. * Toe stops or dance plugs are required for all skates having this option.

  • All skates (Inline or Quad) are subject to approval by the management.
  • No smoking inside building and No smoking on the premises by a minor.
  • No gum chewing by anyone – Skater or Spectator.
  • No in and out privileges.
  • No intoxication of any kind.
  • No sitting on or climbing over the half wall surrounding the snack bar area.